Ten Reasons We’re All Rooting For Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Does Tessanne Better Every Time…

As a Jamaican who is researching music and completely immersed in the investigation of ways in which Jamaican culture is consumed and reproduced, I couldn’t overlook one of the highlights of this year in terms of this consumption. Tessanne Chin has rocked The Voice over and over and over again and Jamaicans at home and abroad ‘glad bag buss just like Olympics time.’ With tears and talk, laughter and leaps of faith, bruk pocket and bootleg call attempts, we are showing our support in spite of, no matter what, by any means necessary.

Of course, I wholeheartedly agree with Dionne Jackson Miller’s 10 point manifesto on why Jamaicans are killing themselves to figure out how to vote for Tessanne, why we are rooting for her, and why Jamaicans win again and again through the hard word, determination and the tears of joy…..

News and Views by Dionne Jackson Miller

  1. Who ever thought Jamaicans would be killing themselves to figure out how to vote for anyone? That alone makes the whole thing worth watching!
  2. We don’t get too many opportunities to unite behind a common cause. It’s fun to feel really patriotic. 
  3. Watching The Voice is a welcome change from crime, politics and the Jamaican economy (even for those of us in the news business!)
  4. We love to watch Jamaicans outdo other nationalities.
  5. We REALLY love to watch Jamaicans outdo Americans.
  6. It’s awesome to see award-winning stars big up one of our own.
  7. Tessanne SOUNDS like a Jamaican.
  8. She said ‘Talk de tings” on a US network.
  9. We love sharing in her journey as she tries to fulfill her dreams.
  10. She can sing! No gimmicks, sheer talent that makes us proud.

What would you add to my list? 

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