State of the Music Symposium – Day 2

Day 1 was a successful start to the inaugural State of the Music Symposium, hosted by the UWI, done in association with JaRIA and JAMPRO. Here’s a summary of Day 1 and a look at Day 2.


KINGSTON, March 1 – It has been established that education is to be a key ingredient to the development of Jamaica’s music industry – that was a recurring sentiment expressed by members of the Jamaican music industry at the inaugural State of the Music Symposium held at JAMPRO in association with the UWI and the Jamaica Recording Industry Associations (JARIA). 


While a session was dedicated to the “Education” subject on which Seretse Small, Steve Golding and Ibo Cooper spoke, the clear message was that there are different levels of education which were to be undertaken to ensure the industry remains viable. The arguments ranged from the 

  • formal setting of the classroom 
  • use of patois to teach English 
  • re-engineering of the practitioners for greater awareness 

The presence of Chronnix and Gramps Morgan though was well received as the general audience felt it was that the “artiste were sharing and becoming part…

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