Dancehall Geographies is a space for sharing ideas about my work over the past 15 years. Read and enjoy, share as you like, keep abreast of latest developments in dancehall research and my trots across the dancehall globe.


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  1. Hi,I saw your interview on jamaican tv with regards to the incarceration of vibes kartell,I found most of what you said quite interesting,I actually left a message on youtube in response to your comment that kartell had the potential to be a great influencer yet appeared to only bring negativity,my suggestion is that kartell is not an influencer,he is a product of his environment,,he himself was instead being influenced by his experiences,and the environs of which he was a part,hence is appeal to mainly inner city youths and those who feel they are not getting a fair crack at the whip in society,some of his lyrics do reflect the poverty and inequality of life in jamaica’s ghettos,in this sense he wasnt a “worl boss”,he was more a ghetto boss,kartell is a prime example of the current erosion of jamaican culture, as represented by the bleached skin,the tattoos,and the worship of guns and lewdness,I enjoyed hearing your perspective on things,and it has brought me to your blog,I will be dropping in from time to time to have a peek as I think I have found someone of interest with much to say regarding jamaican music and culture

  2. Vybes Cartel needs to stand accountable for his actions. He could have used his fame to instill positive encouragement instead of negative impact.

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