Reggae Festival Geographies Project

Have you ever wondered about how reggae became a global music? What explains people from different cultures, places, walks of life, and religious persuasions, falling in love with and even becoming producers of reggae? What is this mystical thing that we’ve somehow been creating while being witnesses? Who are the reggae citizens and what are their nations of origin?

Matisyahu is a classic example. See one of his videos here.

These and other questions are the foundation of my new research project.

Tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Reggae Festival Geographies Project

  1. GREAT questions – I hope you are able to gather as wide an array of answers as possible. I look at someone like Roger Steffens, or Gary Himelfarb (a.k.a. Doctor Dread), or more importantly, just “regular” fans, and marvel at how reggae music, and not another genre of music, say rock’n’roll, or blues, enriched their lives to the point of changing those lives in some tangible way. My introduction to reggae was the Original Soundtrack to “The Harder They Come”; nearly 25 years later, it is still one of the handful of albums I go to for spiritual and/or emotional nourishment – and I can dance to it, too!

    • Thanks for stopping by Larry! Its awesome that reggae has travelled in the way it has, finding its way into yhe hearts of many. The real dilemma is that many Jamaicans have no idea about its international inpact. Please take a moment to give feedback here too and share with your networks: Bob Marley: An Icon at 70 – How has he impacted your life?? Tell us here.

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